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Hold Loose Your Calling, Hold Fast to Christ
September 3rd, 2020
It has been a season of enduring significant hardships and experiencing very real losses. We are learning some deep lessons around key factors shaping our life and identity that we may not have chosen...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles
A Biblical Response to “You Do You”
May 27th, 2020
One of the most curious effects that traveling to another country can have on us is the illumination the time away brings to deeply embedded cultural mindsets we’ve developed in our current country of...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles
Am I This Personality Type?
October 3rd, 2019
About a decade ago, I read up on the descriptions of introverts and extroverts and exhaled a big sigh of relief. I finally had some concrete understanding and descriptions of why I as an introvert wou...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles
The Temptation of Quick Fixes for Suffering
July 11th, 2019
Life is showing me I have a much stronger desire for quick fixes to my suffering than I typically care to admit. For example, as a mother, I struggle a great deal with joy in parenthood on a daily bas...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles
God’s Perspective on Failure
April 10th, 2019
I’m afraid of failing.I imagine most of you can resonate with me to some degree. There are a lot of emotions tied into the experience of failing – embarrassment, shame, disappointment, anger, discoura...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles
A Call to Honor Our Pastors
October 9th, 2018
As the season has turned from Summer to Fall, aggressive marketing strategies are sometimes too quick to remind us of fast-approaching holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Many of us may not ...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles
I Thought I Was a Good god
April 11th, 2018
In his book “12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You,” Tony Reinke adeptly explores spiritual struggles that use of our smart phones can potentially reveal and exacerbate in us if we are not careful. As I ...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles
Passion for Justice, Plea for Mercy
February 15th, 2018
“Moving through necessary justice towards a spirit of compassion, mercy and forgiveness, even for the most vile of perpetrators, is what allows display the scandalous, beautiful, life-changing...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles
When You Don't Know How to Pray
October 17th, 2017
“We don’t always have the presence of mind to figure out what to say to the Lord when we are spinning.”It was a beautiful Friday evening at sundown, and I was out walking my dog, reflecting on all tha...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles
Trusting the Gospel in Times of Prosperity
September 7th, 2017
“ many ways, prosperity actually highlights my need for Christ even more.”In recent months, I have experienced the curious adventure of dreams coming true. In my growing passion to give voice to ...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles
The Ministry of Questions
March 8th, 2017
I was out to dinner with a group of non-Christian friends one evening when I was suddenly and unexpectedly put on the spot.“Alina, if an atheist is really, really good his whole life, can he go to Hea...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles
The Challenge and Blessing of Community
April 29th, 2015
"Celebrating [God] by loving my imperfect child who made an inconvenient mistake was just as important as celebrating Him with my words and songs about grace at church."    I am, by nature, so many th...  Read More
by Cornerstone West Los Angeles