Cornerstone West Los Angeles

Cornerstone Church of West LA held its first services on Easter Sunday, 2011, but our legacy as a church goes back many decades prior to that. The English congregation of Cornerstone represents the merged product of two churches – a church plant called Shoreline (started by Pastor Scott and Pastor Brian in 2005) and First Baptist Church of West LA (established in 1901) – that came together to form a single church body. This philosophy of organically allowing God to move and shape our ministry here in West Los Angeles has been a tremendous blessing in the decade since the merge, and we are confident that God will continue to provide and lead in the years to come.

Cornerstone West LA  represents a diverse group of people who discovered that God did something amazing to reach us, speak to us and change us: He sent Jesus to die in our place and forgive us forever. We realize that we don’t deserve this kind of grace and that’s why we are excited to get together on Sundays and throughout the week.

It’s not about putting on a tie and going somewhere to stand up, sit down, and repeat. It’s family time, where we all show up to worship God together. We want to befriend you, listen to you, love you, serve you, and live life with you. So no matter how you’re dressed, what you know about church, or what you think about God, we hope you’ll let us show you the grace that God gives in Jesus. Please let us know how we can serve you and if you have any questions. That’s why God has us here, and we really enjoy doing it.