Cornerstone English

One Church, Three Languages

Cornerstone West LA  represents a diverse group of people who discovered that God did something amazing to reach us, speak to us and change us: He sent Jesus to die in our place and forgive us forever. We realize that we don’t deserve this kind of grace and that’s why we are excited to get together on Sundays and throughout the week.

Because we live in a global city like Los Angeles, we are one church that speaks multiple languages: English, Spanish, and Farsi. Most Sundays we offer a services in each of three languages, so that people can sing and hear sermons in the language most accessible to them. But we also gather together throughout the year for multi-lingual services where we can worship together as a whole church family. In addition, we take retreats together, spend time together in the courtyard between services, and find many other ways to express our unity in Christ as one church body.