Last Sunday's Sermon

Hope For Meaning

Los Angeles is a city filled with people striving to find their own meaning in life. The options seem endless, and the idea of discovering our own purpose seems exciting. But can we really have the deep purpose we crave if we are making it up ourselves? Only Jesus can give us a stable purpose that we don't have to earn.

Application Questions

1. In what ways do you see those around you in our city striving to invent meaning in life instead of inheriting it?
2. Which of the 7 "C's" are you most tempted to find your ultimate purpose in life in?
3. How does the gospel free you to enjoy that area in life without it carrying the weight of being your ultimate purpose?
4. In light of the gospel, what is the purpose of your life (hint: there is one right answer)?
5. How might this week look different if you remembered your ultimate life purpose?

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