Last Sunday's Sermon

Hope for Suffering

The Psalms are incredibly honest about the reality and pervasiveness of suffering.  In fact, they're often far more honest than we're willing to be.  But it's only in being honest about the pervasiveness of suffering that we can experience the pervasiveness of hope.

Application Questions

  1. In what ways are you currently suffering?
  2. What types of suffering do you tend to overlook or not consider "real suffering"?
  3. Are you surprised when you experience seasons of intense suffering?  What do you think this says about your view of suffering?
  4. Of the four reasons for hope seen in our passage, which did you need to hear the most?
    1. God is completely sovereign.
    2. God is infinite in wisdom.
    3. God is perfect in love.
    4. God is always present.

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