Disability Ministry

Cornerstone’s Disability Ministry seeks to facilitate removal of barriers to full integration and participation in the church family and walk alongside individuals and families affected by diverse situations and impairments.

What is available for those affected by disability?

Additional Supports

Additional adult supports are service members in the church equipped to remove barriers to participation and facilitate discipleship for kids with developmental, sensory processing, socializing, and communication deficits in our Sunday classrooms.

Sensory Space

Worship and other elements of service may become too loud, bright, or overstimulating for some, or there may be certain situations where your family needs a space to be away from others, breathe, and reset. This space is available as an option for a family that may require private sensory respite from service programs.

Sensory Earbuds

Disposable foam and reusable silicone earbuds are available at the welcome table upon request.

Support Group

This is a regular program meant to be a helpful time for respite, sharing burdens, truth, and helpful resources. There is also childcare provided, so feel free to bring your kids!

Mike Hendrickson
Disability Ministry Coordinator

For more information or questions, please contact Mike.