Loving the World

We don't all have to travel to another country to share the gospel, but we are all called to care about the spread of God's Word across the world.

As a church family, we have the privilege to come alongside international missionaries in the following ways.

We Partner Financially

At Cornerstone, we partner financially with missionaries in all different locations. We also contribute to missions organizations that work on the ground in various countries. The missionaries and organizations we support focus on building and strengthening local churches.

We Maintain Personal Relationships

We do our best to maintain personal relationships with each missionary we support. This allows us to encourage them with more than our finances, and gives them an extended church family here in America. When they come on furlough, we enjoy serving them, caring for them, and inviting them into our homes. We love hearing their stories so we can celebrate with them in good times and support them when they struggle. Above all, we pray for them.

We Prepare Future Missionaries

While we see every believer as a missionary in West LA, we also know that God will call some members of our congregation to go abroad for the sake of the gospel. We encourage that high calling by celebrating and equipping those who would leave their home to make disciples in a different culture. We want to see the majority of our supported missionaries being saved, matured, equipped, and sent out from Cornerstone.

Want more information?

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