Go On Living Together
September 11th, 2023
You’ve walked courageously with me through some painfully honest processing of what it’s like to get a cancer diagnosis. Sometimes our prayers for optimal outcomes are not answered the way we want. He...  Read More
Reckoning With Illness and Death
September 4th, 2023
In the first post of this series, I shared the story about how I received a breast cancer diagnosis just a few minutes before my friend Susan announced her benign results from her own recent biopsy. I...  Read More
When God Says No
August 28th, 2023
My friend Susan and I both had biopsies to investigate ‘suspicious findings’ on our mammograms and ultrasounds within a week of each other. As a result, we and our concerned circle of friends were awa...  Read More
The Ministry of Embodiment in a Chaotic World
December 7th, 2022
In a perfect storm of circumstantial stressors, our own sin and pride in wanting to please everyone, a real spiritual enemy who comes hard after our souls, and trudging through a world that is not kin...  Read More
Pastors, It’s OK to Cancel Christmas Sunday
November 30th, 2022
There are many good reasons to hold a church service on Christmas morning when it falls on a Sunday. There are also many good reasons to not hold a church service on Christmas morning when it falls on...  Read More
Why Did Jesus Float Into The Sky? Part Two
November 2nd, 2022
In our last post, we saw that the ascension is actually the culmination of Jesus’ life and ministry. Because of the ascension, at this moment Jesus speaks, intercedes, and rules from heaven as our per...  Read More