Meet the Staff

by Nicole Austin and Stephanie Moss
Nicole: Did you know that we have a former sous chef on our staff? That the people who work at Cornerstone come from places as far away as South Korea and Guatemala? And that one of our newest hires dabbles in stunt sword fighting in her spare time? If you didn't, now is a great time to check out our new Staff page on the Cornerstone website, complete with updated photos, bios, and contact information.

One of the blessings of working at the church is seeing the ways that God brings the exact right people at the exact right time, with the abilities, personalities, and training to contribute to our church body. We wanted to take a second to share a bit more about each staff member beyond their official bio, and to highlight some of the ways we see God using them to benefit our community.

I’ll leave most of the fun to Stephanie Moss, our Director of Staff and Partnerships. But before I turn the rest of the blog over to her, I wanted to share with you a bit about the blessing she’s been to us!

Steph has been a part of Cornerstone for over 15 years, and has been on staff since October 2019. With her background in social work and her passion for community development, Steph was an obvious candidate to work with our ministry partners. Perhaps less obviously, her eye toward operations and organization has contributed in crucial ways to the improvement of our staff structure and coordination. This has been a particular blessing over the last couple of years when so much has been in flux. Steph leads the staff with enthusiasm, compassion and wisdom, and sets the tone for both hard work and fun. We’re so fortunate to have her!

Stephanie: Thanks for that lovely intro, Nicole! I love what I do, and am especially excited to be able to share with Cornerstone a bit more about all of the wonderful folks who make up our team.

Administration & Communications

Our first group of staff members are those in our Administration & Communications department. Nancy John is our newest hire, and comes to us from our ministry partner Claris Health. She serves two roles. The first formalizes what has been her ministry for many years, bringing her on as the Director of Counseling. The second takes over pieces of two other roles previously held by others, consolidating those responsibilities. As the Office Manager, Nancy will be our chief contact going forward for our office and for scheduling use of our campus. Nancy is a natural encourager with a calm and helpful spirit and a ton of experience, and we are thrilled to have her join our team.

Sandy King is our Director of Finance, and directs the financial processes for Cornerstone through arranging timely bill pay, refunds, giving statements and reporting. Sandy is incredibly reliable and faithful, and you can see how she honors the Lord through the work he has entrusted to her. She has helped move many of our internal processes to more efficient and effective platforms, which both lightens our workload and brings about more clarity overall.

Amy Carbo wears several hats at Cornerstone. As our Pastoral Assistant, she coordinates the administrative needs of our elders, providing organization and support in a way that frees them up to focus on the people of the church. She has a gift for sorting through competing priorities and bringing order where needed. In addition, Amy serves as our in-house Graphic Designer, creating graphics for our services, programs, and other materials as needed. Her creative eye combined with her diligent attention to detail is a great asset to our team.

Nicole Austin came on board as our Communications Coordinator late last year, and has already made significant contributions in helping to streamline our communication channels and best practices. Nicole coordinates the details and assets and establishes the timelines and platforms for what needs to be communicated to the congregation, and cares deeply about people getting connected into the life of the church. She is intentional and thoughtful, and actively works to bring together the many people and programs to ensure our communication is more effective and comprehensive.

Sunday Services

The next department I’d like to highlight is our Sunday Services department, which is responsible for all of the things that go into making our Sunday services possible. First up is Andy Wilson, our Director of Worship. Andy directs the Sunday musical worship experience through the arrangement of bands and music selection, guiding the congregation through the service liturgy. Andy is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable musician who is passionate about how people encounter God and fellowship together through worship. His thoughtfulness and intentionality about the worship experience continues to be deeply felt on Sundays and beyond.

Adam Vaughn is our Service Coordinator and Media Producer, and coordinates all of the technical logistics for Sunday services and special events, from equipping volunteer teams, to setting up systems for audio, video, and other visuals like slides, as well as editing media content. Adam’s role is critical to our team, but his contribution extends far beyond his weekly tasks. Reliable and generous, he serves with a steadfast attitude and quiet strength, and is always willing to share his expertise and knowledge with humility and good humor.

Joon Kang is our Pathways Coordinator, and facilitates all of the ways we welcome people to Cornerstone, both on a Sunday morning and beyond. Joon coordinates the path people take from their initial visit, to classes, community groups, and membership (hence “pathways”). Joon genuinely cares about people and has a servant’s heart, and is always willing to step up to serve where needed. His friendly and welcoming demeanor make him a perfect fit as the first face many people see when they attend Cornerstone for the first time.

Kids Ministries

The third department I want to feature is one that is essential to our church family, as anyone who has been around Cornerstone for any length of time knows: our Kids Ministries. While most of those involved in our kids ministries are volunteers, we have two individuals who do a tremendous amount of work in organizing, planning, and strategically thinking about how we serve our kids at Cornerstone.

Jeremy Neiditch is our Director of Kids Ministries, and directs the teaching and discipleship of Cornerstone kids through prayer and the shaping and implementation of curriculum, teaching, small groups, and events. Jeremy deeply cares about the hearts of the children who attend Cornerstone, whether it's on a Sunday morning or across our other ministries, and his desire to come alongside them on their walk of faith is beautiful to watch. It can be all too easy for kids ministries to become more about entertainment than about ushering them into the truth about God. But Jeremy is always focused on providing a firm foundation for our children, and it is a true blessing.

Working alongside Jeremy, Allison Kang is our Kids Ministries Coordinator. Allison helps to implement the operational processes for kids classes, events, volunteers, and training, working closely with our volunteers and tackling the complex logistics of multiple services and age groups. Allison is resourceful and wise, and approaches even the most challenging problems with a positive attitude and a kind heart. She is sensitive to the needs of those around her, and is excellent at multitasking, a skill that is essential for the work she does.


Our fourth and final department is our Facilities department. We have been incredibly blessed with a multi-use campus that includes a sanctuary, chapel, administration and community building, an outdoor space, a missions house, and a parking lot. A facility this large and complex requires significant management, and we are so fortunate to have Becky González as our Director of Facilities. Becky directs the contracts and schedules for all maintenance and construction needs, and brings a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge to the role, which is a huge benefit when ensuring that vendors, contractors, and all other services are aligned for addressing campus maintenance. In addition, Becky also works alongside Pastor José to coordinate the details for Sunday services for Cornerstone Español. Becky’s patience and diligence allows her to tackle her roles with thoughtful care and attention.

The final staff member I want to highlight is Edwin Recinos, who serves as our Custodian. Edwin is our daytime janitor, and spends most of his time focused on cleaning and minor repairs. Edwin is both strong and gentle, and works with pride to support Cornerstone through the upkeep of the facilities.

As a staff, we are so grateful to our Cornerstone members and regular attendees, many of whom serve alongside us as volunteers in various capacities. While the people mentioned above are employed either part- or full-time at Cornerstone, we are well aware that much of the work that we accomplish would not be possible without the help of countless individuals who contribute their time and resources to support our church family. Ultimately, our hope is that our shared work would give our congregation the tools, resources, and support needed to pursue their love of God and others, so that we might all continue to grow in Christlikeness together.