“The Light of the World, the light that overcomes the darkness, is now the light that shines in you.”

August 11, 2019

To the disciples, the blind man who begged on the side of the road was simply a topic for theological discussion. But Jesus saw in him an image-bearer, desperately in need of divine mercy. Even after the man was given sight, the Pharisees still only saw him as a topic of theological discussion. And again, Jesus saw him as a beloved child who needed even deeper mercy than simply sight for his physical eyes. When we see people the way Jesus does, they move beyond being topics for our discussions and become recipients of the love and hope that God has called us to be generous givers of.

Application Questions

  1. Who are the topics of your theological discussions? What are the situations/types of people you tend to talk or ask questions about?
  2. How might life look different if you were to talk about those people less and be an instrument of God’s mercy to them more?
  3. Who in your life could use God’s love and mercy?

Scott Mehl

Scott serves the church by overseeing leadership, development, global ministries, and counseling/discipleship.

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