“Grant us eyes to see what you see When you look upon injustice”

Our Lord and Father, Creator of all
You formed us from the earth and
Breathed your life into us
In your image you created us
Meant to worship you we chose to worship ourselves
And in so doing brought violence and destruction to what is rightfully yours
And you
You mercifully withheld the tree of life
That we might not endure this broken world forevermore
You preserved us
Scattered us into the nations in wisdom 
For your glory and our good
That we might see the endless facets of the beauty of your face 
In the faces of one another
Have we not understood, O Lord, how your artful hand has created and preserved all peoples?

Our Lord and Savior, unashamed to call us brother
You were sold for 30 pieces of silver
Felt angry lashes on your back
Untamed fists upon your face
Spit upon as you endured
The betrayal of your community
Who purported to welcome you
But when they had the chance to enact justice
Chose injustice instead
Subjected to an unjust trial
You were punished when you had done nothing wrong
While the guilty walked free
You saved us
Graciously broke our chains
For your glory and our good
That we might walk in freedom 
Have we not believed, O Lord, that there is innocent blood on our hands?

Our Lord and Spirit, who brings eternal life to our mortal bones
You descend on the undeserving
Rushing forth to rend the curtain
No dividing wall can hold
Renewing from within
You give life that rises from self-sacrificial ashes
Yes, from the ashes you alone can give life
You show no partiality
Seeking only repentant hearts
You empower us 
To live as one body, with 
One hope
One Lord
One faith
For your glory and our good
That we might demolish the demonic strongholds of this world
Have we not lived, O Lord, in the embrace of your grace as one family?

Forgive us, Lord
For not valuing
Our fellow Black image bearers
As much as we value ourselves
Forgive us, Lord
For not fighting as we ought
To break every chain of oppression
That your suffering and sacrifice were meant to break
Forgive us, Lord
For not living in light of grace
And for putting conditions and partiality to our love
Forgive us, Lord
According to your great mercy
For your glory and our good

Grant us eyes to see what you see 
When you look upon injustice
Grant us ears to hear what you hear 
When the brokenhearted cry out to you
Grant us hearts that break like your heart breaks 
When we choose ourselves above all else
Less of us, Lord
More of your heart

Your Kingdom come
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Where the multitude of peoples will sing of your name 
Every tribe, tongue, and nation
And every tear, pain, and oppression
Obliterated by the weight of your glory
We do not deserve that perfect heavenly city
Yet you will be faithful to bring us home, Lord
And until that day
You have shown us
What is good and what you require of us:

To do justice.

To love mercy.

And to walk humbly with you.

Jesus, we pray in your name, the One who searches mind and heart and will give to each of us according to our works. Amen.

Ashley Ross

Ashley is a member of Cornerstone and serves as a Web Content Editor.

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