“It is eternally humiliating to realize that you have not walked obediently with the Lord in this life because the pleasures of the world have distracted you.”

My now-husband proposed to me fifteen years ago in April with the optimism that we could be married by mid-July!  Life together was my only dreamy thought in the midst of seemingly unending details during our long-distance engagement. What annoyed my fiancé the most was that my grandma had non-negotiable "fishing weeks" and the dates couldn't conflict.  Wrench after wrench was thrown into our planning, and I was elated when we finally announced our wedding date for September 24th. To this day, my advice remains the same: don't keep a girl in the dark for so long!

The most disastrous moment in the whole process was Dress Fitting Number Two. The first fitting took place in July, and then I flew to visit my fiancé and future in-laws in Canada. I leisurely enjoyed that month getting to know my fiancé's family while eating bon-bons and reading books by the pool. When I returned back home to my seamstress a month later, my beautiful wedding gown no longer fit. Francesca the seamstress was horrified. I was so embarrassed by myself as she went on about what she would have to do to the dress.. Francesca's mother was also there with her sewing shears to break apart the seams. The dress HAD to fit. The clock was ticking, and there was little time for adjustments. 

If only I could have gone back in time, you already know what I would have done. My Fitness Pal wasn't created yet, but that would have been a start. 

Maybe I'm not the only bride who has had that nagging what if feeling. Maybe I'm not the only person who has felt it either.

How much more rewarding that day would have been if I had put in the discipline beforehand to prepare myself more fully. Every detail was prepared for me to accommodate my wishes: beautiful programs, flower girls, bridesmaids, musicians, flowers, photographers, venue, rings, cake, punch, table arrangements, and attendees. I only had to do what no one else could do for me: endure the waiting period, have self-control. and prepare myself!

I humbly share with you about Dress Fitting Number Two as a funny, yet serious warning. It is one thing to miss out on some of the joy of a perfectly fitted gown on this earth. It's another to miss out on some of the joy in store for us at the return of our King.

It is eternally humiliating to realize that you have not walked obediently with the Lord in this life because the pleasures of the world have distracted you. You are only once a bride in waiting for Jesus on this earth. The acts of faith that please God even though we do not see Him are only for this season. When we see Him face to face, we will be rewarded for keeping our eyes fixed on our eternal hope.  Faith is only needed for the things that are yet unseen. The best is yet to come. 

We will all see Him face to face. Do not find yourself in my humiliating condition as a bride who was not fully prepared! Be on the alert because the days are evil. No greater joy will be ours than the day of our reunion with Christ, and by His grace all who are His will receive His promised salvation. What I am saying is this: that day will be filled with even greater joy for us to the extent that we live obediently by faith with eternity in mind. Those who have this mindset must throw off all sinful passions that distract them from hearing the voice of God today and keep them from fulfilling His calling for them during this season of preparation - this season of waiting. 

There are things that only brides can prepare for, and once the wedding begins, the preparation time is done. This does not change your future as His.  If you are in Christ, you will surely experience great joy on that day. But even in spite of that joy, we hope to not have to say, "If I knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently."  Because, the fact is, through his Word, we do know now.

Kelly M.

Kelly and her family are global partners with Cornerstone West LA.

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