“The LORD is the major factor in every question, every fear, and every situation.”

February 3, 2019

Isaiah lived in a time of major social upheaval and personal struggle. In the midst of it all, he receives a vision of the LORD, and begins a ministry of telling everyone that the LORD is the central factor to everything in life. In the first chapter of the book, Isaiah teaches us about the LORD, his wayward people, and his plan to save them. At the center is the LORD’s character, goodness, and love, which we see ultimately in Jesus.

Application Questions

  1. How is the God of the Bible unique? Are there ways your default ideas about God don’t line up with the way the LORD describes himself in the Bible? 
  2. Can you relate to Isaiah’s description of human beings rebelling against God’s desires and being hurt in the process? 
  3. Have you ever used religious activities to pretend that you love God when really they are just ways to do whatever you want and still feel spiritual? 
  4. What would change about your life if you understood the LORD is the biggest, the best, and loves you the most? How can meditating on the gospel remind you that it’s true?

Brian Colmery

Brian serves the church by overseeing preaching and Sunday morning services at Cornerstone.

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