“Christ calls His Church to do hard things for the sake of the gospel, because we were created to be a reflection of heaven.”

June 2, 2019

Cornerstone is committed to being a multi-ethnic and multilingual local church. But why? Being a multilingual church is incredibly difficult, and there are always going to be divisions in this world, so why bother? But Christ calls us to do hard things for the sake of the gospel, and the local church is meant to be the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God on earth, a multilingual community declaring the message of the gospel and the supremacy of Christ in all things.

Application Questions

  1. What are some ways it might be hard for you to be a part of a multilingual church?
  2. Where in your life are you actively pursuing doing “hard things” (laying down your life) for the sake of Christ?
  3. Why does language matter so much to God? Why should it matter to us?
  4. How is the Bible's view of the church different from your own view? What are ways that should change how you live as part of the church?

Matt Kleinhans

Matt serves Cornerstone by overseeing Family Ministries.

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