“Seeing the miracle doesn’t create faith. The power to create faith comes from hearing His Word.”

June 30, 2019

Too often, we read our Bibles thinking, “If only I could have been there and seen these things, it wouldn’t be so hard for me to believe.” But Scripture gives us a different picture. Jesus revealed His glory through the miracles that He performed, and in our Bibles we have all of the signs that we need to believe.

Application Questions

  1. Think about this miracle in comparison to Jesus’ other miracles. What is different about this one? How do those differences impact the way you understand and relate to Jesus?
  2. Think about Jesus’ interactions with the different individuals in this story. How do His words and actions towards them shape the way you understand His words and actions towards you?
  3. In light of the glory of Jesus revealed in this passage, what are some steps that you can take in response to deepen your trust in Jesus?

Zach Nix

Zach is a member of Cornerstone and serves as a teacher and non-vocational elder.

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