“Our daily life of discipleship is how we bring glory to God.”

The purpose of our life is to bring God glory by making disciples.  In the middle of our series, three of our pastors stopped to take questions from the congregation on how this plays out in everyday life.  Different questions were asked and answered in our three different services, and all three recordings are available.

9am Service

Do I have to participate in Christian community in a Community Group? Why?

What if I don’t feel connected to my Community Group?

Sometimes I find that a big hurdle to living in community and loving each other is my own judgmental spirit.  On an intellectual level I understand that as a sinner saved by grace I am in no position to judge a fellow sinner, but I still find myself being critical of others.  How do I change?

How do you know who you should disciple?

I've been hurt before by investing in people who weren’t actually interested in investing in me. How do you then practically discern who you can rely on and invest in?

When someone knows the truth of God in their head but is struggling to live it out from their heart, how can you best come along side them to encourage them back to God without being preachy and just talking at them?

How does evangelism play into the Church’s call to discipleship?


11am Service

Should one of the goals of our group be to multiply? Should we look to multiply community groups as soon as we get to a certain point? When should groups multiply?

What is a Biblical perspective on how introverts can honor God in participating in community?

For those who struggle with community because of a selfish mind, what does God teach us about the importance of being selfless?

If I’m a new Christian, do I need to make disciples?

As much as we are willing to be in the community and help making disciples, what if there are people who are not quite ready to be made disciples by us?

What are some practical tips for how unmarried men and women can live in community together?  What are some practical tips for how community groups transition life stages?

How does evangelism play into the Church’s call to discipleship?


5pm Service

What are the most common barriers to a thriving community?

 How can you bridge age gaps in community, both physical age and spiritual maturity?

How can we prevent our community from being self-serving and self-focused both as individuals and collectively?

 My community group talks about the sermon, but we don’t do anything about it.  What can be done?

What is the biblical way of thinking through and managing relational burn out?

When someone we’re discipling is suffering, how can we speak about hope for the future without sounding trite?

How does evangelism play into the Church’s call to discipleship?

Scott Mehl

Scott serves the church by overseeing leadership, development, global ministries, and counseling/discipleship.

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