In light of eternity, we should not be asleep, and numb to the truths of God, but should be enlivened, emboldened, awakened to God and His mission.

The Day of the Lord is coming, where Christ will return to judge the lost and redeem the saints. The lost will be surprised, but we, the Church, ought to eagerly await the return of Christ, and live our lives in light of its reality. What does this mean? To be awake, aware, active, alive, sober, passionate in our pursuit of God, and passionate in our desire to live for the Kingdom and Mission of God.

Application Questions

How should you respond to your non-Christian neighbors, co-workers, and friends in light of the Day of the Lord?

What does a life of eager expectation look like?

How often do you grieve the brokenness of this world and long for the next?

Are you awake, or asleep, to spiritual realities in your life?

What habits can you develop in your life that can stir and awaken your soul for God and His Eternal Kingdom?

Matt Kleinhans

Matt serves Cornerstone by overseeing Family Ministries.

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