“It is the gospel and only the gospel taking root in the lives of people that are totally at odds with one another that makes not simply kindness, but brotherly love, a reality.”

Some concepts are so familiar that they can easily seem commonplace and altogether unremarkable. For many, “brotherly love” is just such a concept. But rather than being mundane, the Christian concept of brotherly love is something beautiful and totally unparalleled in our world. Unique in both its source and its manifestation, Christian brotherly love, rightly understood and practiced, serves as a powerful demonstration of the gospel’s power to one another and to the watching world.

This week each service enjoyed preaching from a different person. Click on the respective links below to hear the sermons.

9am Service - Dustin Platte

11am Service - Zach Nix

5pm Service - Chris Woolsey

Additional sermons that might be of interest.