June 27, 2017

The Loving Boundaries of God

“We bristle against the boundaries our Sovereign God sets for us.”

April 3, 2017

Lent: Sin and God’s Wrath

“Should God get angry?”

March 13, 2017

Lent: What is Sin?

“Sin is deeper than we think, but grace abounds all the more.”

January 8, 2017

Imago Dei: Made in His Image

“Every human being—rich and poor, black and white, old and young, big and small, able and disabled— is made in the image of God.”

January 3, 2017

Dont Waste 2017

“The well-lived life must be God-exalting and soul-satisfying because that is why God created us.” - John Piper, “Don't Waste Your Life”

December 28, 2016

Why Jesus Came

“You cannot understand Christmas or why Jesus came into the world until you understand that He came to seek and to save you who are lost, weary, broken and guilty.”

October 27, 2016

Diminishing Marginal Utility

"God does not have a diminishing marginal utility. Each new experience of God doesn't bring less enjoyment but more."

October 6, 2016

Don’t Tell God What He Can Do

“The things that you think are getting in the way of what your life should be are often the places where God is at work.”

September 26, 2016

The Fundamental Need to Thank God

“When we are surrounded by troubles, and we do not understand what is going on in our lives, glorifying God and giving thanks will reorient us to that beacon of light so that we can see the way out.”

July 26, 2016

Personal Finance 101: Why Money Matters

“The basics of personal finance are important because of how tied our money is to our hearts. And as we grow to become more and more like Christ, addressing our hearts inevitably involves addressing our finances.”