“You can’t truly appreciate the redemption we have been given without comprehending the judgment we are under without it.”

February 17, 2019

Judgment is an uncomfortable idea. Why would you ever want to listen to a sermon on judgment? In this sermon, we explore why we, in fact, ought to be deeply comforted and assured by God’s judgment. God’s perfect judgment brings about the justice that our souls crave in a rampantly unjust and unfair world. More than this, the more we come to understand God’s perfect judgment, the more we come to comprehend the sheer magnitude of his grace. Isaiah pronounces judgment upon the nations of the earth, and upon the entire earth itself. Yet, in the midst of this focus on judgment we continually find hope, joy, and grace in the promise of a future Messiah.

Application Questions

  1. In what ways do you find your soul longing for justice in our fallen world?
  2. How does God’s judgment of both the nations and individuals reflect the perfection of his character?
  3. How does studying Isaiah help us to combat the false characterization of the God of the Old Testament being a God of judgment and the God of the New Testament being a God of love?
  4. What is an aspect of God’s judgment that you normally don't think about that you should probably strive to remember more regularly?
  5. How does considering the reality of God’s judgment help you to appreciate the magnitude of his grace?

Scott Mehl

Scott serves the church by overseeing leadership, development, global ministries, and counseling/discipleship.

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