“The things that promise us pleasure and life are also the things that will cause displeasure and death in us, if God and others are not at center of our love.”

It is very hard to go against our natural selfish desires and it is easy to love ourselves only. The whole world around us continues to tell us that our lives are more important than the lives of others. And in the mist of this way of living, Jesus commands us to be empathetic to the needs and suffering of others. Jesus knows that the path of empathy will bring life to our souls if we choose to obey Him. But, he also knows that the way of apathy will only bring destruction to souls.

Application Questions

1. In what ways do you pursue the comfortable life above the well-being of others?

2. What is a practical step that you can take to cultivate a heart of empathy?

3. Who or what is in the way for you to love others as yourself?

Further Resources

“How Can We Obey the Golden Rule?” By Steve Fuller (Article)

“Put God Back in the Golden Rule” By Stephen Witmer (Article)

Reading Plan and Prayer Guide

Below are scriptures to help you meditate on today’s sermon topic throughout the week:

Monday: Philippians 2:1-11
Tuesday: Ephesians 4:29-5:2
Wednesday: Romans 11:33-12:2
Thursday: Mark 8:31-38
Friday: John 13:1-17

As you meditate on the scriptures above, use these prompts to help you engage with God in prayer:

Insight: Ask God to show you where he and others are not at center of your love.

Confess: Confess to God the areas of your life where it is very hard to love and feel empathy for others.
Wrestle: Wrestle with the truth that Jesus provided a way in the Holy Spirit for us to have empathy for others.

Request: Ask God to increase your faith to have a heart that will feel the pain and suffering of others so that you will be moved to action.

José González

José serves Cornerstone by overseeing the Spanish language ministry “Nueva Vida Ministerios”.

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