“The ultimate sign points us to Jesus as Lord and Jesus as Love.”

August 25, 2019

All of the signs in John lead up to the ultimate, final sign: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Much like the other signs, it teaches us about the authority Jesus has over the universe, death, and even our daily lives. It also teaches us about the love Jesus has in returning to life in such a way that we are drawn into it, now and into eternity. Unlike the other miracle stories, this miracle happens ​to us​ in forgiveness and eternal life, and should shape the way we live.

Application Questions

  1. How have you seen Jesus’ lordship and love in the miracles we’ve studied? How have they affected you over the last few months? 
  2. How does the resurrection show you Jesus’ authority? How does that play out in your life? 
  3. How does the resurrection show you Jesus’ love? How does that play out in your life? 
  4. What would it look like to follow Jesus more as a result of all this? How can the next few months be different for you because of what we’ve learned these last few months?

Brian Colmery

Brian serves the church by overseeing preaching and Sunday morning services at Cornerstone.

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