"The Church has always been a diverse community of misfits and odd pairings knit together for God’s glory."

March 7th, 2021

As we wrap up our journey through the book of Colossians Paul gets personal, giving us a glimpse into the spiritual family God had built around him.  When we stop and pay attention to the stories represented in this list we'll find that the community that existed 2,000 years ago in Rome isn't all that different from the spiritual family God is continuing to built here and all around the world.  The book of Colossians may come to an end, but the story of the Colossians is one that is still being written. 

Application Questions:

  1. How does understanding the stories of the people mentioned in this letter help to humanize the book of Colossians?

  2. What are some of the stories of God's continued work that you are seeing in the lives of those around you?

  3. How do you think God wants to use you in this coming season for the sake of his Kingdom?

Scott Mehl

Scott serves the church by overseeing leadership, development, global ministries, and counseling/discipleship.

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