"It is into this fallen world that God whispers the reminder: “Sex is not about “you”…it is about ME."

As I mentioned in the previous post, sex is about God. However, that is almost never the picture we get when we encounter sex and sexuality in our fallen world. Whenever someone talks about sex, you see sex represented in some form of media, or you experience some sort of sexual encounter, chances are that it doesn’t remind you of God at all. Sex oftentimes seems to represent the worst of humanity, not the best.

When you see sex represented in movies, television, commercials, or the media, it seems to bear no resemblance at all to God or his love. It is surface-level, artificial, and only skin deep. It is a cheap representation of the real thing. Media representations aren’t even like cubic zirconia compared to a diamond, they’re more like aluminum as compared to silver…they don’t even look like the real thing. But, where is the fundamental flaw, what is the world missing when it seeks to represent the joy and pleasure of sex? The assumption that the world makes is that sex is all about “me.” It assumes (and we buy into) the fact that God created sex as some sort of cosmic toy for us to enjoy on our own terms.

Our own experience can also confuse us about the nature of sex. In a fallen world, many of our sexual encounters—whether they be flirting, intercourse, or even assault—are filled with the sinfulness and selfishness of others. Just as the world has assumed that sex is all about “me,” you may have received this exact same message from the individuals in your life: it is all about them. Sex may not have been an experience of love, joy, intimacy, and pleasure for you. Instead, it has been an experience of hate, sadness, loneliness, and pain.

Even when the church talks about sex it can fall short of the biblical idea of sex. You may be used to hearing all of the “don’ts” about sex from others in church, but how often have you heard loving exhortation regarding the “do’s”? Even this subtle type of communication can confirm the idea that sex is about “me”…which is why it is bad, or, at best, permissible…but not spiritual.

It is into this fallen world that God whispers the reminder: “Sex is not about “you”…it is about ME.” The idea that sex would be about God, would glorify God, and would teach us about God, crashes like a ton of bricks into our silicone-laced, airbrushed, condemnation-focused, painful sexual world. How could this be about God?

This is why we so desperately need the redemption of Christ to clear away the mess, redeem the broken and fallen aspects of our humanity, and open our eyes to the beauty and richness that is our sexuality, which has been hidden like a diamond in the mountainside. We should expect ourselves to have difficulty understanding God’s good design for sex. We live in a horribly fallen world that has marred sex to the point that it is almost unrecognizable. But that is precisely why Christ has come. To redeem the fallen, and demonstrate the glory of God in ALL of creation. No matter how marred it has become, sex is not beyond redemption in our lives. Sex was created by Christ, through Christ, and for Christ. Sex is about God!

Scott Mehl

Scott serves the church by overseeing leadership, development, global ministries, and counseling/discipleship.

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