“World Relief stands with the vulnerable, partnering with local churches to end the cycle of suffering, transforming lives and building sustainable communities.” Source:

“Throughout the Bible, we are repeatedly told that God loves and cares for foreigners, and that he expects his people also do so. Jesus himself was a refugee, forced to flee the genocidal government of King Herod; he says that when we welcome a stranger, we welcome him. “The Lord watches over the foreigner, and sustains the fatherless and the widow” (Psalm 146:9 NIV). Refugees are uniquely vulnerable individuals who have fled persecution. Our biblical faith compels us to respond to their plight with compassion and hospitality.” Source:

Matt Soerens

Matt is the US Director of Church Mobilization at World Relief and co-author of “Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis” and “Welcoming the Stranger”.

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