“If we are not a ‘moral majority’ in this country, then what are we?”

What does it mean to faithfully live as Christians in the 21st Century, in a country that seems more and more opposed to Christianity, Christians, and Christian values? How should faithful Christians seek to engage a world that seems to be changing radically year after year, steadily and rapidly losing any sense of its former Christian influence? If we, as Christians, are no longer a majority in this country (if we ever were), how then ought we view ourselves, our communities, our lives?

These questions and their answers form the heart of Russell Moore's book Onward. In the book Moore seeks to outline how Christians ought to view themselves in light of the vast social, cultural, and spiritual changes that the country has undergone, and continues to undergo.

We are no longer a moral majority, the conscience of a nation, seeking to call our country and its people back to its roots before the throne of the Almighty God. In many ways America is on a trajectory to be post-Christian, and the remnants of Christianity that were a part of our past as a country have steadily dissipated to nothing.

Living in Los Angeles is a reminder of this truth daily. Many people that I interact with don't reject Jesus, they simply know nothing about Him. For many in Los Angeles Christianity is foreign and ancient, something that influences certain parts of our country, but is more than anything a historical curiosity.

How can we engage this 21st century America with the gospel of Jesus Christ? How do we engage the culture without losing the gospel? How do we function less as a moral majority and more as a prophetic minority? How can we embrace this new world, and the mission field it provides, for the sake of Christ and His Kingdom? Should we simply give up, retreat, and watch the culture deteriorate from afar? Or should we skillfully, faithfully, and lovingly engage?

Click here to listen to audio from our two-part Summer Seminar discussing Onward, and how we can faithfully represent Christ in this new America.

Matt Kleinhans

Matt serves Cornerstone by overseeing Family Ministries.

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