“If consumerism is a false religion, then anxiety is a false prophet.”

In light of the call to lay up for ourselves “treasures in heaven,” most of us inevitably respond with some form of worry. If we are to give ourselves up for others, who’s going to look out for us? We can feel alone, confused, and hopeless when anxiety washes over us and we feel paralyzed by our own fears. But Christ shows us a better way. He shows us the way to be freed from our anxieties and fears. He shows us the way to be truly content and find our peace in him.

Application Questions

1. What do you tend to be anxious about?

2. How does your anxiety tend to manifest itself in your life?

3. What truths about God do you tend to forget that fuel your anxiety?

4. What specific reasons has Jesus given you not to worry?

5. What are some helpful ways that you can be reminded of the reasons Jesus has given you not to worry?

6. What practical steps can you take this week to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness?

Further Resources

Running Scared by Ed Welch

Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety by Elyse Fitzpatrick

Getting to the Heart of Your Worry by Robert Jones (Article)

What Good is “Don’t Worry” in Times Like These? by David Powlison (Article)

Reading Plan and Prayer Guide

Below are scriptures to help you meditate on today’s sermon topic throughout the week:

Monday: John 16:32-33
Tuesday: Philippians 4:4-7
Wednesday: Romans 8:31-34
Thursday: Romans 8:34-39
Friday: Luke 10:38-42

As you meditate on the scriptures above, use these prompts to help you engage with God in prayer:

Insight: Ask God to help you identify what you get anxious about and how you tend to express that anxiety.

Confess: Confess the truths you are failing to believe that fuel that anxiety.

Wrestle: Wrestle with who God is and the promises he makes for you in Scripture.  Wrestle with whether or not you truly believe his promises are enough.

Request: Ask God to help give you peace and a thankful heart.  Ask him for the discipline to hear from him and for the Spirit’s empowerment to set your mind constantly on Christ.

Scott Mehl

Scott serves the church by overseeing leadership, development, global ministries, and counseling/discipleship.

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