Dr. Francis Schaeffer became a missionary in Europe in the years following World War II when America and Europe were now aware of the unimaginable cruelty the war had revealed, and wondered if faith in God meant anything.

He and his brilliant wife Edith began a ministry in a Swiss Chalet that they named “L’Abri” which means “Shelter.”  From the early 1960s to the mid-70s, “L’Abri” was the key destination for hundreds of American and European college students and others who were trying to sort out their faith and their times. The Schaeffers hosted, taught, tutored, argued, and prayed with scores of people. Over two summer sessions, we took a look at Dr. Schaeffer's life, his writing, and his methods of ministry.

This was a 2-part seminar, which met on August 7, 2016, and August 14, 2016.

Jim Leonard

Jim serves Cornerstone through pastoral care and by overseeing internal ministries and administration.


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Part 1


Part 2


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