“Paul openly and tenderly shares his joy at the good news about the little growing church at Thessalonica, and prays for them - and us - in very specific and encouraging ways.”

God strengthens us to participate as his agents in our present through accurate information about what he has done in the past to pay for our freedom from condemnation, and assurances of what he will do in the future to reclaim his Kingdom and his people.

Application Questions

1. Has there been a moment when news about someone's faithfulness or salvation has caused you to feel "really alive"?

2. Is there something so important to you that you find yourself committed to pray earnestly "night and day" for it? How did God respond to your prayers?

3. If "holiness" means adopting the character of God as our character, where are you feeling progress? Where do you need support?

Jim Leonard

Jim serves Cornerstone through pastoral care and by overseeing internal ministries and administration.

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