“It is difficult for a pastor to experience a relentless, fatherly love for the congregation until he sees them as his own children.”

Paul presents to us the portrait of a pastor in his first letter to the Thessalonians.  First, by making every effort to pursue those whom he loves, second, by surrendering himself to suffering in order to establish those in the faith, and third, by being greatly concerned for Satan’s attack on those whom he loves. Paul’s fatherly love was relentless for the new believers in the church at Thessalonica.

Application Questions

1. When separation has come between you and those whom God has given into your care, do you make every effort to be reconciled to them?

2. Do you tend to elevate your comfort over the establishing of someone else’s faith?

3. Are you concerned about others when their faith is under attack?

José González

José serves Cornerstone by overseeing the Spanish language ministry “Nueva Vida Ministerios”.

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