May 24, 2017

Living Locally

“We are called to consider more than our personal convictions to ask what might best love our city.”

August 16, 2016

Representing Christ In This New America

“If we are not a ‘moral majority’ in this country, then what are we?”

August 15, 2016

Trademarks of a Disciple: Respect & Honor

Deep respect and honor can be experienced only when one begins to work alongside those who lead us doing the work of the ministry.

July 18, 2016

Letters to CWLA: Pastor Scott

“For over ten years now, as I have served as your pastor, I have continually thanked God for the work that he is doing in your hearts.”

Church History

The Reformation was one of the most important times in the history of the Church.

June 1, 2016

Evangelism in Conversation

“Evangelism requires a personal, full, inviting gospel.”

May 23, 2016

Evangelism in Action

“Don’t let the fact that your neighbors have different morals, a different lifestyle, or a different worldview than you stand in the way of you taking the time to really get to know them.”

May 16, 2016

Living Evangelism

“If we are going to be the faithful ambassadors that Christ has called us to be, and not tourists, we must be people who are intentional, generous, and inviting.”

May 9, 2016

Loving Evangelism

“Evangelism is what completes your joy in Christ.”

February 17, 2016

Community Groups 101

“This is the context where life-on-life relationships take place, where the ‘one-anothers’ of Scripture are lived out, and where Christian community happens.”