“God wants us to explore his generosity in prayer.”

Where do we get the resources to live out the Sermon on the Mount? Jesus addresses our need to ask, seek, and knock in prayer to God for this and much more. Our problem is not just that we don’t ask, it’s why we don’t ask: because we doubt God’s goodness. When we hear Jesus’ teaching and see his death and resurrection, we find a God who is a good, generous Father. With this kind of Father, why wouldn’t we ask for anything we need, and take our cares and concerns to him?

Application Questions

1. Where do you “take” your cares and concerns? What does that tell you about who or what you trust the most to give you what you need?

2. Where in your life do you see evidence that you doubt God’s goodness and generosity? How do you handle those doubts?

3. Do you pray (and live) like someone who has a good, generous Father in heaven? Or do you pray (and live) like someone who is orphaned and on your own?

4. What are some concerns or desires that you haven’t taken to God? What would it look like to bring those to him as your good, generous Father in heaven

Further Resources

“What Does A Prayer Of Faith Look Like?” by Justin Taylor (Article)

“A Conversation with Don Whitney on ‘Praying the Bible’” (video)

A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World by Paul Miller

Reading Plan and Prayer Guide

Below are scriptures to help you meditate on today’s sermon topic throughout the week:

Monday: 1 John 3:1-1; 5:13-15
Tuesday:  Hebrews 4:14-16
Wednesday: Romans 8:31-39
Thursday: Ephesians 4:14-21
Friday: Luke 18:1-14

As you meditate on the scriptures above, use these prompts to help you engage with God in prayer:

Insight: Ask God to give you insight into the truth in his Word and expose where you believe the lie about Him.

Confess: Admit to God where the lie that he can't be trusted has taken hold in your life.

Wrestle: Work through your struggles, emotions, and thoughts with God in prayer.

Request: Ask God to put the truth of his generosity in your heart and to give you practical ways to live with him as your good Father.

Brian Colmery

Brian serves the church by overseeing preaching and Sunday morning services at Cornerstone.

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