This story that seem so removed from our world actually has everything to do with us, and everything to do with Jesus’ love and power in our lives.

In this passage, we find Jesus exorcising a legion of demons from one man. For us in the west, this can be difficult to swallow. What does this have to do with our world? What does it have to do with our lives? When we look harder, we see that belief in demons is not as outlandish as we might think. What’s more, the Bible explains the complexity and subtlety of demonic impact in our lives. Most importantly, we see what Jesus does about it all: trades places with us so that, through his power, he might free us and re-tune us to live with a new influence: his Holy Spirit.

Application Questions

1. Do you struggle to believe in the supernatural world? Why or why not?

2. Mark describes how the demonic powers are bent on pain and destruction: first the man, then the pigs. The rest of the Bible explains that Satan is the father of lies, telling lies that will end up enslaving us. What are some examples of lies that people believe, only to end up enslaved? Have you ever experienced that in your own life?

3. Jesus crosses a stormy lake and subdues a legion of demons to save this one man from torment. Later, Jesus would walk cross through death and judgment to save us all from torment. How can Jesus' love and compassion for you help you fight lies and temptation? How can Jesus' power to save this man from a legion of demons give you comfort in difficult times?

4. What are some of the "piano strings" that Satan likes to vibrate in your life? How have those led to discord, pain, and enslavement? What would it look like for Jesus to create harmony in those areas? What steps can you take to follow Jesus in those areas?

Brian Colmery

Brian serves the church by overseeing preaching and Sunday morning services at Cornerstone.

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