March 16, 2017

I Must Have More Time!

“Unlike [God], we seem to view ourselves as fighting time and the flight of life, people who must work fast to squeeze everything into a few short decades.”

March 7, 2017

Keeping Time

“The journey of Lent takes us from a deep awareness of our need to a deep awareness of the forgiveness and victory of Jesus at Easter.”

September 26, 2016

The Fundamental Need to Thank God

“When we are surrounded by troubles, and we do not understand what is going on in our lives, glorifying God and giving thanks will reorient us to that beacon of light so that we can see the way out.”

September 8, 2016

God and Money, Part 3

Saving and Debt

“Saving and debt are intricately related, and developing biblical convictions on both is necessary to being a good steward of God’s finances.”

August 31, 2016

God and Money, Part 2

Choosing a Lifestyle

“The lifestyle we choose to live demonstrates powerful things to both others and ourselves about whose glory we are living for.”

August 24, 2016

God and Money, Part 1

“The most basic truth regarding money and possessions that we need to be regularly reminded of is the fact that God owns everything.”

July 26, 2016

Personal Finance 101: Why Money Matters

“The basics of personal finance are important because of how tied our money is to our hearts. And as we grow to become more and more like Christ, addressing our hearts inevitably involves addressing our finances.”

May 4, 2016

Replenished Servants

“In the course of all the activities we do in service to God, are we making time to be replenished by God?”

April 20, 2016

The Meaning of Life

“The end, the goal, the meaning and purpose of life, is God’s glory and man’s enjoyment of him. All other good things are ways in which we can do this, merely tools to help us reach a greater goal rather than the goal itself.”

January 17, 2016

R12 Living In An R1 World

“The secular world never understands Christian motivation. Faced with the question of what makes Christians tick, unbelievers maintain that Christianity is practiced only out of self-serving purposes…” – J.I. Packer