March 22, 2017

People Who Love Much

“We are creatures who stand in judgment over our Creator, yet God not only forgives us but provides us with more than we ever thought possible in Jesus.”

March 20, 2017

Lent: Sin and Our World

“When we are honest about the magnitude of suffering in our fallen world we have an opportunity to see the magnitude of God’s hope in Christ put on display.”

March 15, 2017

Focus & Reflection

“The season of Lent is a time to focus in on our sinfulness—to see it clearly and find ourselves led to repentance and forgiveness in Jesus.”

March 13, 2017

Lent: What is Sin?

“Sin is deeper than we think, but grace abounds all the more.”

November 14, 2016

Plan Like Jesus

“The antidote to idolatry is not to enjoy God’s blessing less, but to be captivated by God, himself, more.”

October 30, 2016

Think Like Jesus

“When you stop grasping at significance you don’t have and in the gospel receive ultimate significance you don’t deserve, you will find yourself being humble from your heart.”

September 26, 2016

The Fundamental Need to Thank God

“When we are surrounded by troubles, and we do not understand what is going on in our lives, glorifying God and giving thanks will reorient us to that beacon of light so that we can see the way out.”

March 21, 2016

Being a Disciple: A Disciple Loves

“The only way to get rid of affections we have in our hearts for other things is to expel them, evict them, overcome them with a greater affection for and worship of God.”

January 4, 2016

Jesus is Baptized

"Coming out of the water, we get a picture of the triune God entering the world to fulfill His promises to make all things right."

December 21, 2015

Latter Prophets: Return

"The last chapter of the Old Testament story shows us God bringing his people out of exile, just as he promised. But while the people lived in their historic land again, their hearts were still elsewhere."