February 6, 2018

We Have to Talk About Money

“While not everyone should know all our business, ​someone​ should.”

January 30, 2018

Is Money Your Master?

“How can you tell if you are mastered by your money?”

Thriving Financially in West LA

This conference was designed to equip you with the tools you need to take the next steps toward Christlikeness in the area of finances.

July 5, 2017

The Problem of Treasure

“Materialism and consumerism aren’t just cultural phenomenons, they’re a false religion.”

February 6, 2017

Imago Dei: The Poor

“God has a profound heart for the poor and the marginalized, and if we are going to follow Him as our Lord and Savior, we must reflect that same heart.”

September 15, 2016

God and Money, Part 4

True Contentment

“In Christ, not only do we have everything we could ever need, but we are given freedom from the desire to be rich, we are given freedom from the love of money, and we are empowered to truly be content.”

September 8, 2016

God and Money, Part 3

Saving and Debt

“Saving and debt are intricately related, and developing biblical convictions on both is necessary to being a good steward of God’s finances.”

August 31, 2016

God and Money, Part 2

Choosing a Lifestyle

“The lifestyle we choose to live demonstrates powerful things to both others and ourselves about whose glory we are living for.”

August 24, 2016

God and Money, Part 1

“The most basic truth regarding money and possessions that we need to be regularly reminded of is the fact that God owns everything.”

July 31, 2016

Personal Finance 101

Jesus talked about money a lot. Yet, for many of us, we struggle to figure out how God wants us to handle the money he has entrusted to us.