“Confessing sin is a declaration of war against indwelling sin, and a declaration of victory in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

“The Cross of Jesus Christ destroys all pride.  We cannot find the Cross of Jesus if we shrink from going to the place where it is to be found, namely, the public death of the sinner.  And we refuse to bear the Cross when we are ashamed to take upon ourselves the shameful death of the sinner in confession.”
Life Together, p. 114

Sin lies, hides, and numbs you to God. To battle against spiritual numbness you must boldly confess your sins to God and to one another, so that you can freshly experience the grace and forgiveness of Jesus in the gospel.

For further reading on this topic, we highly recommend “Life Together” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, particularly chapter 5, “Confession and Communion.”

Application Questions

1. What does “spiritual leprosy” look like in your life?

2. How have you seen sin lie to you?

3. In what ways do you allow yourself to be sinfully distracted?

4. Why is it important to “say the same thing” as God does about your sin?

5. When was the last time you confessed sin to another person? Who could you go to now to confess sin and freshly remember the gospel?


“In confession the Christian begins to forsake his sins.  Their dominion is broken.  From now on the Christian wins victory after victory … Confession is the renewal of the joy of baptism.”
Life Together, p. 115

Matt Kleinhans

Matt serves Cornerstone by overseeing Family Ministries.

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