"The purpose of human history and the purpose of our lives is to glorify and worship the King of infinite worth whose eternal plan of salvation has brought us forgiveness and grace in the Day of Salvation."

Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey, declaring Himself King of the Universe, a King of infinite worth, and a King with an eternal plan. This King comes to us now humbly, gently offering salvation, but one day He will return on a horse, ready to bring justice to a world of injustice. We live in the Day of Salvation, a time when forgiveness and reconciliation is offered to all people, and a time that is designed to give Christ great honor and glory.

Application Questions:

What part of your life (money, time, energy, effort, energy, etc.) is Jesus looking at you, saying "I need that"?

Are there trials in your life that are unexpected for you? How can you actively seek to trust God's Kingship over you in the midst of that trial?

In what ways do you care more about the benefits of Christ than Christ Himself?

How should you respond to the difference between Christ's first coming, on a donkey, and His second coming, on a horse?

Matt Kleinhans

Matt serves Cornerstone by overseeing Family Ministries.

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