“This is the context where life-on-life relationships take place, where the ‘one-anothers’ of Scripture are lived out, and where Christian community happens.”

If you were reading at the end of last year, we spent some time explaining what's coming for Cornerstone as a church family in 2016. Our church family has grown a lot just over the past year, and as we continue to grow and add a third service, we want to start off the new year by going back to basics on the things we do as a church. In light of this we need to remind ourselves about what Community Groups are and how they work.

At Cornerstone Community Groups (or Discipleship Groups) are at the very heart of what God calls the church to be. This is the context where life-on-life relationships take place, where the “one-anothers” of Scripture are lived out, and where Christian community happens.

At Cornerstone we define a Community Group as

“A group of believers who commit to live life together as a family that disciples one another and reaches out together.”

  1. A group of believers- Community Groups are small, intended to be anywhere between 6 and 15, and are designed to be for building up and encouraging you in your Christian walk. The Christian life is not meant to be experienced alone. The church is given by God to be the place where believers share life together, encourage one another, grow together in Christlikeness, and serve one another, displaying the love of Christ in their love for one another.
  2. Who commit- Community Groups are designed to be places where people commit to one another. Cornerstone is not a place for consumer Christianity, like a Christian buffet where we come and take what we want, and then leave. This is meant to be a place of deep Christian friendship grounded in commitment to one another. Though there’s nothing formal about the commitment in a Community Group, but the reality is that Christian love only happens in the context of commitment. Because of this we do not switch up groups or encourage people to participate in multiple groups, but encourage people to be invested and committed to one group for an indefinite and extended amount of time. This allows for depth in relationships, and for each of us to truly know others and be truly known by others.
  3. To live life together as a family- Community Groups are meant to facilitate relationships that are close. Life as a family means relational intimacy and vulnerability. Everyone longs for deep relationships, and at Cornerstone the context for where to build these relationships is in our Community Groups. Life as a family means life together more than just once a week in a meeting, but meals together, praying together, walking through the good times and the difficult times of life together.
  4. That disciples one another- Discipleship is about learning and growing as we follow Jesus. These groups, which really could be called “discipleship groups” are the places where most discipleship happens in our church. They are the places where people go to others for help, for prayer, to learn more about God’s Word, and to live out that Word together in their lives. This is more than simply a Bible study, but is not less. These groups study the Bible together, and also help each other apply the truth of the Bible to each others’ lives.
  5. And reaches out together- One of the most powerful displays of Community Groups are their ability to display to a watching world the love of Christ. These groups are designed to be places where neighbors and coworkers and friends who don’t know Christ can come to learn. They are also places of service; many groups serve together with one of our local outreach organizations, or intentionally reach out together in other ways.

Additionally each group is led by servant minister qualified leaders who would love to connect with you and help you find a group that works well for your schedule and location!

Whatever your situation, we have a group for you, and we would love to get you connected.

If you would like to get connected to a Community Group please contact Pastor Matt:

Matt Kleinhans

Matt serves Cornerstone by overseeing Family Ministries.

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