October 31, 2019

By Faith Alone

“The bottom line for that we must place our complete and total trust in what Jesus Christ has done on our behalf, and not on our own merits.”

What the Reformation Means for Today

How should we as present-day Christians (and self-identified Protestants) regard the Reformation?

Church History After the Reformation

This class focused on this tumultuous time in Church history with the intent to bolster the faith of Christians today.

August 7, 2018

Learning from the Life of Charles Spurgeon

​“Charles Spurgeon is arguably the greatest preacher of all time who isn’t Jesus.”

September 12, 2016

Our Identity: Christ’s Servants

Paul so treasured the gospel that, even in the midst of his mistreatment, he was compelled to speak of the glorious truths and promises of the gospel.

July 11, 2016

Portrait of a Pastor, Part 2

“Paul openly and tenderly shares his joy at the good news about the little growing church at Thessalonica, and prays for them - and us - in very specific and encouraging ways.”

Church History

The Reformation was one of the most important times in the history of the Church.

July 7, 2016

Martin Luther: A Monk Amok

“Luther’s historic nailing of his 95 theses to a large wooden door was an occasion that would drive the movement of Reformation in the church. He gave all of God’s people the courage to question what men taught and look first to what God Himself spoke.”

July 3, 2016

Portrait of a Pastor, Part 1

“It is difficult for a pastor to experience a relentless, fatherly love for the congregation until he sees them as his own children.”

April 2, 2015

6 Things You Should Know About Justification

"Near the center of the reformation was this issue: how are we made right in the eyes of God? In other words, how are we justified before God?"