“It is possible in this world to pretend, convincing others that you are something that you are not. It’s not possible to trick God.”

There are people who pretend to speak for God and who pretend to act for God. But God is not deceived. One day standing before the judgment seat of Christ, there will be those who will receive the judgment of eternal condemnation. Some will be confused because they have spoken for God as prophets. Others will be confused because they have done mighty works for God. But salvation is not based on us speaking for God or doing mighty works for Him, our salvation is based upon Christ and His finished work ​alone​. This passage is a sober warning for us to be people of substance, not flash, to be diligent to know God and to be known by Him, and to enter through Jesus Christ, the narrow gate who leads to salvation.

Application Questions

1. Why is falsely speaking for God such a big deal?

2. Do you carefully examine the sources of truth you hear from in your life?

3. Are you more compelled by what is flashy (external and showy) or what is substantive (authentic and deep in the heart)? How do you know?

4. Have you considered the reality of “false conversion”?

5. What is your hope built upon? How do you know?

Further Resources

“Known by God” by Brian S. Rosner (Journal Article)

“The Agonizing Problem of the Assurance of Salvation” by John Piper  (Article)

“The Disowned” by Charles Spurgeon (Sermon Transcript)

Reading Plan and Prayer Guide

Below are scriptures to help you meditate on today’s sermon topic throughout the week:

Monday: Ezekiel 13:1-10 
Tuesday: Deuteronomy 13:1-3 / Matthew 24:24 
Wednesday: John 15:12-17 
Thursday: Galatians 4:1-9
Friday: Romans 9:1-5 

As you meditate on the scriptures above, use these prompts to help you engage with God in prayer:

Insight: Pray for discernment to identify what is truly God’s Word from what is falsely presented as God’s Word.

Confess: Your failure to bear fruit for the Lord, and your desire for a deep and profound faith that bears genuine fruit.

Wrestle: With the justice of God, and His right to judge us, and a desire to not only know God but to be known by Him.

Request: That God would save the lost that you know in your life, especially those who think they are believers but are not.

Matt Kleinhans

Matt serves Cornerstone by overseeing Family Ministries.

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