November 27, 2017

Heart Work: Heart Work and the Holy Spirit

“When it comes to transformation, God will not do what the Christian should do, but the Christian cannot do what only God can do.”

March 15, 2016

Does Your Ministry Require the Holy Spirit?

“You are not ultimately responsible for changing the hearts of people you minister to. The only hope we have of change is the Spirit of God working in us and others.”

December 1, 2014

Jesus Our King

"We don't want a King, but we need a King, and He is different than we ever thought."

May 20, 2013

Walk by the Spirit

"God has given us His Spirit so that we experience the fullness of life as He intended. He simply calls us to Walk by the Spirit! But, what does this look like? What does this feel like? How does what one practically walk with the Spirit?"

February 24, 2013

The Coming of the King: Beginnings

Mark points us back to the beginning of the universe and tells us that now there is a new beginning, and Jesus has come to make us a part of it.