“Whenever we open the Bible, our posture towards it must be examined. For as much as we have come to read the Word of God, we must recognize, first and foremost, that the Word of God has come to read us.”

As we look at the depth of God’s Word, we can take one of two approaches. One approach is to look at the Bible in all of its complexities and stand in awe of it. It contains 66 different books, written by 40 different authors, in 3 different languages, spanning 3 different continents, with genres ranging from poetry and wisdom literature, to historical narrative and epistles, and having it all coming together to produce this unified book. The other approach has to do not with how deep the Bible is from an origins standpoint, but how deep the Bible gets to the core of who we are as humans. It reveals our sins, our motivations, and leaves us vulnerable before God, leaving space for Jesus to come and be our Savior. How often we forego our joy in Christ by choosing the first over the second.

Application Questions

1. If God is after the depths of who we are, why do we often run from the depths of who we are?

2. When exposed, how has the reality of Jesus being your High Priest brought you to a place of security and peace?

3. In what ways practically are you “holding fast your confession” in Jesus?

Steve Pyfrom

Steve has joined the family of Cornerstone WLA as a part of our church planting fellowship. Steve is spending 1-2 years preparing for participating in one of Cornerstone WLA's church planting efforts. We are excited to have him here and for the body to be blessed by his gifts and contribution during this unique season of training.

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