“The gospel frees us from the prison of envy and pride, and it frees us to truly love those around us.”

September 23, 2018

One of the greatest blessings God gives us “under the sun” is relationships. As the Preacher affirms, “two are better than one” and “a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” However, many of us still find relationships, especially close relationships, really hard. Why is that? What contributes to it? What are the forces that eat away at our relationships in this life? The Preacher identifies two of these destructive forces in our passage today and we get to see how the gospel frees us from their destruction.

Application Questions

  1. Who are you on the journey of life with?
  2. When do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?
  3. In what areas in life do you find yourself most often motivated by comparison?
  4. How have you seen that comparison (envy) get in the way of developing deep friendships?
  5. How have you seen pride (not being teachable) get in the way of developing deep friendships?
  6. How has the gospel freed you to love others instead of comparing yourself to them?

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Scott Mehl

Scott serves the church by overseeing leadership, development, global ministries, and counseling/discipleship.

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