Junior Church exists to engage the hearts and minds of 3rd–5th graders with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed by God in His Word.

The goal of Junior Church at Cornerstone is to raise up young men and women who understand what it means to be a part of the church, who love Jesus greatly, and who deeply understand the Word of God and its implications for their lives.

We long to see 3rd–5th graders who deeply grasp God’s Word by walking verse by verse through the passages, and who understand the implications of God’s Word for their lives.

Junior Church Is For Kids Grade 3rd – 5th

Junior Church is available for students in 3rd-5th grade. This is the age when students begin asking deep and foundational questions about God, forgiveness and guilt, love, and their purpose in this world. Junior Church comes alongside these students to help them find powerful answers in God’s Word.

Junior Church Starts In The Main Service

Junior Church students accompany their parents to the main service for welcome, songs, Communion, the greeting, God’s Activity, and the pastoral prayer, and then are dismissed to their teachers at the end of the pastoral prayer.

Junior Church Is Dismissed From Main Service

Students are dismissed from the main service and escorted to the Community Building by a leader. They are given a short time to play in the gym or in the back green space.

Junior Church Learns From The Same Passage In The Main Service

After this play time, students are brought into the Welcome Center, given some water, and study a lesson from The Gospel Project. The students are challenged to think deeply about how God’s truth is relevant for their life.

Church Elders Screen & Approve All Teachers & Volunteers

Our Junior Church leaders are qualified Servant Ministers who love to teach our children from God’s Word. We would absolutely love to have you join us as we teach and serve these children. If you would like to be involved or if you would like more information, please email:

Parents Are Notified If Needed

If there is ever an issue with your child in Junior Church (significant injury, perpetual disobedience, etc.) we will contact you. Please sign your child through our Realm Sunday service check-in so that we can have your phone number on your child’s name tag, and will be able to contact you if there is an issue.