The goal of Fusion is to help our 3rd-6th grade students answer the Big Questions about life: Who are we? Why were we created? Who is God? Who is Jesus? What is salvation?

Fusion is designed for students in 3rd-6th grade who aren’t afraid to ask big questions, and to receive big answers from God and His Word. Our purpose is to engage students as they begin to wrestle with major life questions, and show them that God has deep, powerful answers to these questions in His Word. Together we memorize Scripture, study Scripture, ask questions, and talk about how God’s truth intersects with the lives of our students. We also play games, have game nights (laser tag!), and enjoy time with each other as we learn from God’s Word.

Fusion Meets Sunday Afternoons

Fusion meets on Sunday afternoons from 2:00pm–3:30pm. On top of this Fusion has special events throughout the year that are designed to help encourage deep relationships.

Fusion Is A Space To Have Fun, Ask Questions, & Memorize Scripture

On Sunday afternoons we play games, ask questions in a safe environment, recite the verses that we’ve memorized, and learn from those verses about who God is, what salvation is, and how we can follow Jesus Christ in our lives. We also have other meetings throughout the year where we hike together, play games together (laser tag!), and serve together.

A Typical Fusion Afternoon

2:00-2:15pm Check-in time

2:15-2:45pm Bible Verse Memorization

2:45-3:15pm Game time

3:15-3:30pm Question time/Teaching time

Fusion Is Led By Our Awesome Servant-Ministers

Fusion is run by our awesome, servant-minister leaders: Chris W., Keith O., and Cam C. These leaders have a profound heart for students in Fusion, are well equipped to teach and encourage the students with God’s Word, and are qualified by the church elders.

Parents Are Encouraged To Be Involved

Many of our events that take place outside of the Sunday afternoon meetings are open to the entire family, and we love when members of a student's family can join us. Furthermore, you'd like to be more involved with Fusion as a parent, or if you have any questions, please email us at: