Many of us know we are supposed to have a "quiet time," but few of us know exactly what we are supposed to do. What does it look like to have a vibrant, personal relationship with God, where you are feeling and seeing his presence in your life? This class will give you the practical tools to enjoy your relationship with God and grow in intimacy with Jesus.

About The Class

Many Christians struggle with prayer and the idea of "intimacy with God." What does it mean to have a personal relationship with God, and how can we enjoy it to the fullest in our daily lives? This class will explore the idea of "communion with God" in a busy world that is full of distractions. We will touch on the nature of a relationship with a God you can't see, and the way a God with no vocal cords still speaks to us. We will examine the theological and practical challenges of prayer, and see how we can cultivate a deep and sustainable prayer life. We will also look at the ways we interact with God outside of the "quiet time," including corporate worship, growing in grace, and "practicing the presence" of God.

About The Instructor

Brian Colmery wrote his master’s thesis on evangelical spirituality, and has taught on the topic of spirituality and the inner life for several years. This material is developed from years of biblical study and years of personal experience with the struggle and joy of prayer.

Class Format

This class is a blend of lecture and discussion. Bring a listening ear, honest questions and comments—we’ll all be learning from God’s Word together.

Class Outline

Week 1
Introduction: What Is Spirituality?

Week 2
Hearing God: The Holy Spirit, the Bible, and You

Week 3
Speaking to God: Cultivating a Deep Prayer Life, part 1

Week 4
Speaking to God: Cultivating a Deep Prayer Life, part 2

Week 5
Living With God: Practicing the Presence of God

Week 6
Living With God Together: Spirituality and Your Church Family

Brian Colmery

Brian serves the church by overseeing preaching and Sunday morning services at Cornerstone.

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