If the Bible is God’s Word to us, we need to read it well! This class teaches you how to interpret, apply, and enjoy the Bible in your daily life.

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About The Class

Taught by Zach Nix

The Bible is precious, enjoyable, exciting, and sustaining. But whether you have just become a Christian or you’ve been a believer for decades, the Bible can seem unapproachable. Odd stories in the Old Testament, confusing images in the book of Revelation, and the sheer number of pages (usually over 1000!) can be overwhelming for anyone. But every word in the Bible is “breathed out by God” (2 Tim 4:12)—and what God breathes out is meant to be understood! This class will teach you how to listen to God well so that you can understand what He says and apply it to every aspect of your life.

Class Format

This class is a blend of lecture and discussion. Bring a listening ear, honest questions and comments—we’ll all be learning from God’s Word together. Some reading is required in order to supplement what is being learned in class.

Class Outline

Week 1 Getting To Know Your Bible, part 1
Week 2 Getting To Know Your Bible, part 2
Week 3 Listening Well: Preparing and Observing
Week 4 Listening Well: Interpreting
Week 5 Listening Well: Meditating
Week 6 Listening Well: Applying

Class Materials

Living By The Book
by Howard Hendricks & William Hendricks

Books will be available for purchase in class.

Zach Nix

Zach is a member of Cornerstone and serves as a teacher and non-vocational elder.

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