There are times in everyone’s life when you need some help walking through a particular struggle. We see counseling as an extension of our ministry, and if you are particularly in need, we would love the opportunity to come alongside you and help.

Cornerstone Church equips its leaders and counselors to counsel and disciple biblically (from the entirety of God’s word) and compassionately (understanding the diversity of human struggle and experience). Our goal in counseling is to help people meet the challenges of life in a way that honors Christ (1 Cor 10:31) and brings the greatest joy and satisfaction (John 15:11).

We Counsel From the Bible

We believe that the Bible provides sufficient guidance and instruction for all of the issues of faith and life (be they behavioral, cognitive, or emotional). We also believe that God ministers the Word of God, empowered by the Spirit of God, through the Body of God (the church), and so we seek to offer compassionate biblical counsel available to all, and free of charge.

We Counsel In the Church

All of our counseling is designed to take place in the context of the local church. This does not mean that all of our counseling takes place at the church facility (some of it does, but much more takes place in homes, coffee shops, and restaurants across West LA). Instead, it means that all of our counseling takes place in the context of a larger Christian community designed to be the place where you can work out the long–range impact of your counseling in stable, loving relationships with other Christians.

All of our counselors are either certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, have appropriate biblical counseling degrees, or are presently in our counseling internship program. However, our counselors are neither state–licensed nor trained as psychotherapists or mental health professionals, and should not be expected to follow the methods of such specialists. For more specifics on the type of counseling Cornerstone offers, see our consent form.

Types of Counseling

We offer counseling for any situation or struggle. We believe there is no personal problem that is outside the scope of God’s word, and we want to walk with you and discover how the gospel of Christ and the Word of God apply specifically to your situation. Some of our most common types of counseling are listed below.

To get in touch with a counselor please contact