We want our Middle School and High School students to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ and experience His love so they may understand His central importance in every area of their lives. Catalyst exists to encourage and equip students to live with Jesus as Lord and Savior at home, school, community and within the church family.

At Cornerstone we believe students grow best when they are an active part of the church, not siloed in their own age group apart from the larger church family. We treat our Middle School and High School students as young adults and encourage them to participate in the life of the church in as many ways as they can. We love to have our middle and high school students in Community Groups, Sunday worship services, Conferences, and Equipping Classes, and in discipleship relationships with mature Christians.

We also recognize that there are unique ways students in Middle School and High School benefit from time laerning together. Catalyst is the place where these students can learn, grow, and worship together with Middle School and High School students seeking to follow Christ.

Why not a traditional middle/high school youth group?

So many Christian youth programs go from activity to activity, rarely (if ever) allowing their students to slow down enough to think and explore what it means to grow into the richness of Christian maturity. Adding another set of church activities to their schedules only aggravates the situation, and does little to make the Gospel a reality in their lives.

Catalyst is built to facilitate deep and wide transformation through mentoring relationships. Instead of simply adding activities, we walk with middle and high school students through their lives, injecting the wisdom of the Gospel. We believe these relationships will help form them into God-glorifying, mature Christian adults more than any set of activities will ever do.

This group meets the first Sunday of the month during the 10am service. Students are dismissed during the sermon time to be able to hear the same message their parents are hearing in the main service, but in a language directed to their life situation. On the weeks when Catalyst isn’t meeting students are encouraged to sit together during the main worship service and learn how to participate and be a part of a church community, listen to a sermon, and worship corporately.

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