We want you to know that your children are well taken care of while you learn from God's Word in our Equipping Classes.

Sunday Nights Childcare Is Located In The Community Building


Sunday Nights Childcare allows our parents to take Equipping Classes with the peace of mind knowing that their children are being well taken care of.


Check-In Process


Parents can check in their children for childcare directly in the room, signing in on the sign-in sheet, providing contact information, allergies, snack needs, and other pertinent information for our childcare helpers. Parents are encouraged to bring diapers, sippy cups, snacks, and any other needed items in a bag for the childcare helpers.


Elders Approval All Childcare Workers


We have qualified, trained, paid childcare workers who support our Sunday Nights Equipping Classes who love working with little children, and who have a heart for supporting parents while they are taught God's Word.