How should the Gospel be shaping our work life, both internally and externally?

Most of us spend a bare minimum of 40 hours a week devoting ourselves to our jobs. This doesn’t include overtime, lunch spent with that annoying co-worker, an hour long commute to work and an hour long commute back home (which is only 15 minutes away in non-L.A. time), and the stress that is at times our carpool companion. It is no wonder that people only work for a paycheck or solely for the weekend. Or maybe you actually love your job and that is what your life is built around.

In this seminar, we tackled these mindsets and life situations and discovered how the Gospel should be shaping our work life both internally and externally, examining the idea of contentment, and relationships built at and through work.

Jeremy Neiditch

Jeremy is a member of Cornerstone and serves in Children's Ministry and as a Community Group leader.


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The 9-5 Gospel

Taught by Jeremy Neiditch


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